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A soft stone with warming and cooling properties

For relaxation and strength. Uncompromising quality.
The secret lies in the natural mineral soapstone.



<tc>Relaxation weight - a natural way to reduce stress and anxiety</tc>

Ease pain
Ease pain

<tc>Ease pain</tc>

<tc>Heat and cold - the world's most natural pain relief</tc>

Treat sports injuries

<tc>Treat sports injuries</tc>

<tc>An ice-cold compression or heat for stiff joints and muscles</tc>

Support in everyday life
Support in everyday life

<tc>Support in everyday life</tc>

<tc>Add ergonomics to the workplace and at home</tc>

Heating pad

Cooling pack

Training gear

Relax weight

Compression pad

<tc>What customers say</tc>

Superb. Easy to heat in the microwave and keeps warm for a long time. Use it almost every day and helps me with pain and stiffness in my back and various joints. Also has a relaxing effect. Ergostone, has positively and surprisingly made me addicted to a gadget.


Beyond words... I have used it for pain relief and/or relaxation and it is amazing. The perfect gift for anyone who could use a little extra warmth in their life!


How did I manage without it before..? I use my ergostone every day in many different situations. Mostly with heat when I'm going to sleep to fall asleep more easily or when I have menstrual cramps. Highly recommend it, everyone should have one at home <3


Amazing! I use it every night. Helps me relax and be warm and cozy in the evenings at home after working my ass off all day. Like a warm water bottle 3.0!! Love it, my best purchase ever!!! <3


Ergostone Original

Created to provide natural relaxation and recovery. A core of finely ground soapstone from Handöl. Super flexible and durable silicone exterior.

• Made in Jämtland, Sweden
• Recyclable materials
• Long life cycle
• Hot or cold
• Compression

Supplied with a cozy fabric cover in recycled polyester.