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Reduce your electricity bill. Heat the bed instead of the whole room

Minska din elräkning. Värm upp sängen i stället för hela rummet

But today's sky-high electricity prices require many people to review their energy consumption at home in order for the economy to come together. During the winter, heating accounts for approximately 60-80% of a household's energy consumption, so heating your villa or apartment can become an expensive story. A general tip today is to lower the indoor temperature to save money.

But with a colder indoor temperature, we will freeze, won't we? Think like this – instead of heating the whole home, heat yourself right where you are at the moment!

Ergostone is a modern heating pad that heats up quickly in a microwave or regular oven, then stays warm for up to an hour, or even longer if you keep it with you under the covers in bed or under the blanket on the sofa.

What sets Ergostone apart from other heating products is its unique filling of finely ground soapstone, which is surrounded by a smooth and flexible silicone exterior. The natural mineral retains heat much longer than wheat, rice or beans with which regular heating bags are often filled. Ergostone also does not deteriorate over time and does not risk catching fire when heated, as wheat pillows sometimes do. Ergostone is soft, flexible and forms freely according to the body. With an indescribably pleasant feeling against the skin, it becomes like a warm embrace in the winter cold.

This is a product made to be used often and for a long time. Buy an Ergostone today and it will last for several years of use.

With an Ergostone as a bed warmer this winter, you will definitely sleep better, while it can help you save on your electricity bills.

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