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Caroline Olsen - Me and my Ergostone

Caroline Olsen - Jag och min Ergostone

Caroline is currently in midlife and has two small children. She used to compete in biathlon at the international elite level. She still has a great passion for sking and other training such as running and functional training.

3 quick questions:

How do you use your Ergostone?

I use my Ergostone for different things. I exercise a lot and sometimes need it for tired muscles as the heat relieves. I also use it for back pain, that I sometimes get from an old injury that sometimes comes back. It is also my best friend during period pain. What I was very happy about is that it only takes 3 minutes to heat up so it can put in the microwave while I brush my teeth!

How did you relieve your pain before you had an Ergostone?

In the past I have used a classic wheat pillow, but it gets cold almost immediately and I burned a bunch of them in the microwave. Love that the Ergostone stays warm for a super long time!

Would you recommend Ergostone to others?

I would recommend it to most people. Already given one away as a gift. 


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