Our product

Ergostone Original is our first product 


Sometimes our bodies hurt, and we can also be stressed and have sleeping problems. Combining the thermic properties and weight of soapstone with very elastic silicon, our innovative self-care product aims to help you feel better in a natural way.

Ergostone Original can be heated in only minutes, in a microwave or in a regular oven, and keep a steady warm temperature for hours. If you are feeling frozen, having menstrual pain or suffering from stiff muscles or joints, heat treatment is often a soothing solution. 

Same goes for cold. Keep it in a fridge or freezer and you will have a super flexible cold compress, that can help ease pain or inflammation. Or just to cool you down on a hot day.

The weight of the product also serves purposes. Together with the soft texture and grip-friendly shape, it is an excellent training and rehab tool. Applying weight to our bodies while still can on the other hand help us relax and reduce anxiety. 

It's a simple product, yet very versatile. Your imagination is the limit for how Ergostone Original can help you increase your own well-being.