We upcycle the Jämtland heritage

At the foot of Storulvån in Jämtland, Ergostone produces products created to increase human well-being. The leftover soapstone at Handöl's disused quarry is taken care of and ground down to a fine sand. The mineral has very good thermal properties, which gives the products their heating and cooling properties. The high density of the sand means that the product embraces the body like a warm hug. The silicone that encloses the sand is very elastic and easy to clean.

We have chosen to "dig where we stand" - taking care of materials that have already been mined and which now stand in the way of nature's reclaimation around the old quarries. With our production stationed here in Handöl, we want to create hope and help rebuild a depopulated part of Sweden.

Handöl's soapstone history

The legacy of mining soapstone in Handöl in Jämtland dates back to the 16th century. A local production to refine the soapstone into utensils, everything from pots and stoves, has been going on in Handöl for over 500 years. For the past 100 years, this industry has been the main source of income for the residents of the area. In 2013, production ceased when the soapstone factory was closed down, which has led to a large depopulation of the town.

By combining the soapstone refining heritage with the old wellness tradition in Jämtland, we want to revive Handöl's proud history.