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A luxurious double dose of well-being against your period pain

En lyxig dubbeldos av välmående mot din mensvärk

Menstrual pain can hurt, but it can also be excruciating. Sometimes so bad that you have to cancel all your plans and hide under a blanket until it passes. But luckily, there are a handful of different ways to ease the pain - a hot tip is to treat with heat.

Wheat pillows and hot water bottles are something that has been used since the Stone Age to soothe discomfort in connection with lingonberry week. These products of course work well for the purpose, but Ergostone has raised the bar a few steps in its innovative product development.

Ergostone is a superior heating pad when it comes to relieving your period pain. This premium product is not only designed to heat up quickly and stay warm for a long time, it is above all designed to feel extremely comfortable against the body while providing natural relaxation through tactile stimulation and weight – similar to a weighted blanket in miniature format .

When you put a warm Ergostone on your bad stomach, pelvis or back, the heat causes the blood circulation to increase. Tense muscles relax and blood flow increases to the area, which in turn can reduce cramping, inflammation and pain. The heat can also relieve other symptoms such as bloating or constipation associated with your period.

Then there was the ergonomic malleability and weight of Ergostone. As it is soft and pliable, it smoothly molds itself around the body's curves, so you can better direct the heat exactly where you want it. Ergostone weighs two kilos, which means that it also functions as a relaxation weight. By applying even pressure over the body, one can naturally stimulate the body's hormone levels in a positive way. The "feel good" hormones serotonin and dopamine can increase, while the stress hormone cortisol can decrease - just in the same way as when you are embraced by a warm hug or cuddle with a puppy.

An Ergostone is a luxurious product that can add a golden edge to everyday life. It costs more than a regular bag of wheat but it is something you save in the long life of the Ergostone. It is made to last for years of use. It also does not lose its heat-retaining properties over time.

So, to sum up; but a superior comfort can Ergostone can help you feel better both physically and mentally when you suffer from period pain. Or any other day of the month for that matter.

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